It all starts with the pasta. It ends when the guests are satisfied, feel full, happy, and taken care of. That’s our mission. Wholesome food that is made from real ingredients that is customized to your taste brought to you from the creative minds of two brothers.

IMG 5997Orion Cameron called his brother Hari Cameron from the west coast with Mac & Cheese on the brain. The two put their noodles together and worked to create a concept that was affordable, but featured the highest quality ingredients. Hari, being an award-winning chef, loved the idea of a place that could make a lot of people happy. All of the people that you love around you, your cousin that’s gluten free, your grandma the vegan, uncle Warren who loves the Berkshire Pork Ragu, your sister who is on a diet and who loves salads made from local lettuces. Oh, let’s not forget about the kids. The kids that are picky, that only wants the buttered pasta that looks like seashells, the kids that live for lunchtime and always are part of the clean plate club, all of the children everywhere that love pasta.

Cameron McCurdy- grandpa (MAC), was the brothers Great Grandfather. He was born in 1901 and lived until he was 97 years old. He was a postmaster that lived in New Jersey. When the family would visit him he would cook for them or take them to his favorite eateries.  He was a strong and generous man that donated his time and money to many and made a big impact on the brother’s life. They both thought that the best way to honor him was to name the new family business after him.

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mac n chee

long live grandpa mac

1901 - 1998

Cameron McCurdy, or Grandpa Mac, was the Great Grandfather to the two brothers who founded grandpa (MAC). He was a generous man who made a big impact on the brother’s lives. They both thought the best way to honor his memory was to name this place after him.

Long Live Grandpa Mac!!

Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

get directions to grandpa (MAC) in Rehoboth Beach Delaware33 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE

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Coastal Hwy. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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